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Support the Animals

You can help us help the animals in many different ways. If you have other ideas, we would lov to hear from you.

Join the organisation as a member

You can become a member of Danka's Animals by paying a contingent of 120 DKK per year for a personal membership and 200 annually for a household membership.
Account in Nordea:
Reg no: 2277 Account no: 6275165326
Paypal: paypal@dankasanimals.dk

Businesses and other organizations can also support the association with a membership. The annual contingent of companies is DKK 1000

Danka's Animals spend every penny that comes in on the animals. All work for the association is voluntary and unpaid.
As a member you support Danka's Animals efforts to ensure better conditions for animals in need. You help feed, shelter and get vet care and neutering for dogs and cats that are often thrown on the streets of their former owners or born on the street.

If you wish to donate a monthly amount to Danka's Animals, it can be done through your bank.

Donate money

You can help animals by donating money.
Danka's Animals is working to ensure better conditions for animals in need, and it costs money. In the countries where we help animals, most people dont have the kind of relation to the animals as we know it here in Denmark, where a homeless dog is almost sure to be picked up by some animal-friendly person. Rather, they mostly see the homeless animals as a nuisance and a pest, and there are very few who feed them or give them shelter.
Typically, we pay for the pension to remove a dog / cat from the street. We will pay for food, vet help, neutering etc. Therefore, we are truly greatful for your donations, large and small. Even 20 DKK can make a difference!

We are very happy to receive regular monthly donations, regardless of their size because they enable us to get stray animals cared for in pension until they are adopted.  Would you like to support the animals in this way, you can see our bank details below.

Account in Nordea:
Reg no: 2277 Account no: 6275165326
IBAN: DK7020006275165326

Sponsor a dog

If you go under "projects" you can see which dogs and people who need support. We appreciate your interest to help dogs in need.

Donate´things for animals

Do you have food, dog beds, cages, toys or other things for dogs, you dont need, we will receive it with gratitude. 

Donate items for flea market

We regularly have flea markets and always need things we can sell. All money from the sales goes to the animals.