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Bandit has covered 30 days a month and missing 0 days. 1 day costs 32 DKK

Hello friendly people

My name is Bandit. When I got the name I unfortunately did not live up to it. I was a street dog, and the other dogs were always biting me. I had difficulty coping when the other dogs in the pack was very hard on me. One day things went terribly wrong. The others wanted me away so they attacked ferociously, and I got a big, deep wound on my leg. Since I was a street dog, there were no people who would help me. There was inflammation in the wound, and it was indescribably painful for me and made it even harder for me to survive on the streets. One day a lady came and took a picture of me and said she would send it to someone who might help me. That I dared not hope for, I had completely lost hope! But then one day there came a kind man and took me with him. He took me to a very scary place where they fiddled with my bad leg. It was very painful but I could sense that they would help me. I was just sad and tired from the pain. The man did the best he could, but unfortunately my leg was so badly mauled that it could not be saved. They had to amputate. But oh, I know it sounds strange, but I was so happy to get rid of the stupid leg that hurt so bad, now I was pain free and I got my zest for life back. I play with the other dogs here in the dogpension with the friendly man. I can play and jump and tease, and finally live up to my name with pride. But do not worry, I'm a very sweet dog, so it's a good Bandit I am! Now my greatest wish is to try to be part of a family. It's ok in the pension, but I would now like to have my own home. Every day, I hope it will be my turn to come to Denmark. Until then, I need people who will help me so I can stay in the pension untill I am adopted. If you want to be my sponsor you will get a diploma by email. I very much hope someone will help me so I can stay in the pension.

Many friendly greetings Bandit


Käthe Fog Hansen
Janni Meier           

Nela has covered 12.5 days per month in pension. She needs 17.5. It costs DKK 32 per day.

Hello everyone in Denmark

My name is Nela. I have not had it particularly easy. I have lived on the street, and there were some evil people who caught me, and would mistreat me. They tried to cut my throat! I escaped with my life and came to the vet, but he just put me in a cage and didn`t give me treatment. He probably would not help me, since there was noone to pay my bill. Fortunately there were some good people who would help me and I came to a kennel where I felt better and I am safe here. I am happy, but it is very expensive, and I hope there are some good people who will help pay for my stay in until I am adopted. If you sponsor me you get a diploma on your email.

Sincerely yours and Bark from Nela


Sonja Leso

A small greeting from a small dog

My name is Beauty. I was had a family, but they threw me in a dumpster. I do not know why, but I think it was because I was sick, and they'd probably did not want a sick dog in their house. I was completely hairless and very scared. There was fortunately a sweet lady who found me. She took me to a safe place, and I am still here. I'm waiting for my very own family, and would like to be adopted. First, I need to be completely healthy and have all my beautiful hair grow back. Now I get the treatment I need. However, it is very expensive with all those trips to the vet and my stay at the safe place, so I hope someone will help me. If you sponsor me, you get a diploma.

Kimberly Pedersen
Ella og Per Glæsner-Jørgensen

Oddie has covered 12.5 days per month and missing 17.5. It costs DKK 32 perday.

Hello Friends
My Name is Oddie. I once had a family, but they suddenly did not want me anymore. I was sick, and my family had to move. I just had to be killed or thrown in the street. Fortunately nice people heard about this and they got me to a safe place in a dogpension. They say I am a very sweet and a beautiful dog, so I hope I will soon be adopted. Until then, I hope someone will help me with a little money so I can stay in the pension. 

Hopeful greetings of Oddie

Carina Maja Rylander

Hello from Bosnia

My name is Bleki. I have lived on the street where I was beaten violently, and it was very hard for me to make it because I am a very sweet and gentle dog. The Veterinarian`s guess is I was born around December 2009. I am very happy around people and I love other dogs. If you want to adopt a sweet boy like me, or know someone who will, you are welcome to contact the Danka `s Animals. Until then, I need money so I can be safe in the dogpension. I hope someone will be my sponsors. 

Happy bark from Bleki

Christina Brandt
Annette Meyhof

Hi friends

My name is Zuco. I have not had it easy. I was a stray dog​​, and some evil people caught me and tried to saw off my legs. Fortunately, they didn`t succed, and I was rescued by some nice people who brought me to a dogpension, where today I'm safe. Now you might think I am mad at people, but I am not at all! I love people, especially if they want to cuddle me. I love to play with the other dogs here in the dogpension. I dream of my own family, so if you need a sweet dog, plesase consider adopting me. Until I getadopted, I need money so I can stay safe in the dogpension. If you want to be my sponsor, you get a diploma.

Thanks from Zuco.

Tina Coulter