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To get a dog in foster care through Danka Animals you must download an application and send it to us completed the info@dankasanimals.dk
If you have problems downloading the document please send us an email at info@dankasanimals.dk or via contact form.
To qualify as a foster family you must also be a member of Danka Animals. Read more about how to become a member by clicking here
The dog will then be in you care until we find a permanent home for it.
One can not know how long it takes but both Danka Animals and the foster family must advertise the dog and try to find a good home for it. As a foster family you must have contact with prospective adoption families, they must be able to come visit and you should, if possible, visit them. We will of course be in contact with you and help where help is needed, for example by visiting adoptivefamilies etc.
Once you have found an adoption family they must sign an adoption contract.
Read more about the adoption process by clicking here