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All animals available for adoption through Danka's Animals are stray animals that have been rescued from a grim fate. They get a chance to get a good, permanent home and a family that will give them the love, compassion and the care they deserve. For the animal the days of suffering, starving, being run over by a cars is over. When you adopt an animal from Danka's Animals, you save a loving little soul and give your new dog or cat the comfort it deserves.

The reason that we decided to help with adoptions from abroad is that street animals in the Balkans live under extremely bad conditions. There are no shelters, as we know them in Denmark - and these animals deserve a good home just like the Danish dogs / cats. Typically, it is very difficult to find a local home for a dog, especially if it's a female, or if it is disabled in any way.

Although we very much agree with and support ABC projects (Animal Birth Control), which consists of that neutralizes, ID tags and vaccinate the animals and puts them on the street again, then it is also important for us to give the dog a chance to find a safe home.
If you would like to adopt an animal through Danka's Animals please send us an email at info@dankasanimals.dk.
A typical adoption process will take place as follows:

1) you decides the dog / cat that you want and fill out an adoption application.
2) You get a house call from us and we talk about the situation with you and tell you everything we know about the dog / cat.
3) We make sure that it is vaccinated, chipped and will have a veterinary certificate, according to Danish regulations for importing animals in Denmark.
4) You sign an adoption contract
5) Typically, it came to Denmark by plane or by car.
6) You pick up your dog / cat at Kastrup airport, or other agreed place.
To adopt an animal is free but the cost to prepare it for the journey and preperations are not.
Therefore, it costs 3000, - Danish kroners to adopt a dog through Danka's Animals.

Sometimes we combine the transport of several animals and in that situation the cost will be lower. To reduce administration, the money left over for an adoption will be used to help animals in need. 
We always follow the rules governing the importation of dogs / cats in Denmark, see Food & Drug Administration.
We always follow the IATA regulations for transporting animals by air.