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Om Danka´s Animals

About Danka's Animals

Danka's Animals began as a collaboration between Sonja Leso and Marianne Søndergaard on Facebook. Their common interest in helping animals made them want to do more to help and this resulted in Danka`s Animals. Danka`s Animals is now registered as an animal welfare organisation with 7 boardmembers. The association is created in the hope that it will be possible to help a larger number of animals. The need to help animals is growing worldwide - both because of neglect and abuse, and the many natural disasters that also affects animals.

Danka's Animals help animals throughout the world, but our focus is the Balkans, especially Bosnia-Herzegovina, where we support the small private "shelters", people and animal rights groups working to improve the life for stray animals. We support them with food, shelter, veterinary care and neutering of dogs and cats that are often thrown on the streets by their former owners. Additionally, we transport animals to Denmark for adoption or in foster care until they are adopted.

Our primary goal is to create Bosnia's first real shelter that can take care of the many stray animals found throughout the country. Currently there are no official shelters as we know them at home, and homeless animals are often treated as pests and abused in the grossest ways. This is the case in almost all countries in eastern Europe, which have either a bad law in this area or do not enforce the law that actually exists.

The name of Danka's Animals (Danka Animals) arising out of our big inspiration, a lady by the name Danka Kantar, who lives in Bosnia. She helps homeless and abused dogs and cats from her local area and have arranged a small private "sanctuary" in her home. Her great love for animals inspires us to work hard to help Danka and others who rescue animals who need help.

We also help animals in need in Denmark by helping animal welfare organizations and by supporting foster families who take dogs in and give them a safe home, before they find a permanent owner for them.




Sonja Leso
Zaklina Sojic
Marianne Søndergaard

Fatima Mackovic

Una Hadzalic

Janni Meier


You can become a member of Danka's Animals by paying 120 Danish kroners per year for a personal membership and 200 Danish kroners annually for a household membership.

Businesses and other organizations can also support the association with a membership. The annual fee for companies is 1000 Danish kroners.

Danka's Animals spend every penny that comes in on the animals. 

As a member you support Danka's Animals efforts to ensure better conditions for animals in need. You help feed, shelter, treat and neuter dogs and cats that are often thrown on the streets of their former owners or born on the street.

You can join the association by sending an email to info@dankasanimals.dk.

Want to donate a monthly amount to Danka's Animals? It can be done through your bank.


Danka’s Animals

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